Sunday, November 27, 2011

If you do it right, once is enough

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”  ― Mae West

Isn't it ? thoughts, words, feelings, decision & people the all surrounds us in a time period & we always in search of happiness lost to understand it.
Once i did Bio and wanna be a doctor. i wasn't. Then somebody met me in a train and had a bomb Idea, which changed my life. till that time I was no one. but after that i was someone. But now again I am No One.
Just like Chetan Bhagat's Five point someone, I was on the way of Delhi for a medical entrance exam. In passenger's list i was searching the name of people around me during the journey. for last seven years it was my good luck but for now it was my bad luck. I met a journo in front of my Berth. he was the first one who successfully scanned me and suggested me to become a journalist. when it comes to me i found myself very worth full, and so, i started dreaming my old BBC days.
Journey Begins
but my family wasn't sure that i should opt this. my father had few journo friends and they were (and still they are ) writing the truth for few bucks. I told him i m not that kind of person. I have my social values and respect so i'll never do this. but he wanted me to opt any government job and so, he suggested me to be a part of Banaras Hindu University ( where i was selected ) for my graduation course. i struggled too much for a world of fame, for taking a responsibility to change the look of nation and i decided to quit home.
I did this, and came back to Patna. and filled the form of Amity University, Raipur Campus. i was single son of my parents. so, I knew at some point they had to loose. and finally amity called me for an interview.
Raipur Days
I was n still I am poor in English, and first time i knew the power of it. but i won and interviewed in Hindi and enrolled for Mass Communication Course. i did it with lots of struggle. in terms of language, personality, money, government and relations. But for certain government policy i had to switch myself lucknow with bunch of my friends.
Lucknow Days
Lucknow changed my life. Madiha Hasan, Shinjini Singh, Harshita Talwar, Harsh Singh, Ashish Dixit and the most talented buddy Hem taught me at every point of mistake. they care me, they loved me and they made me, what I am today. Ashish tiwari, Stuti Bagrecha, Namrata srivastva, Monalika Ray, Nupur Gupta & Shriya sengupta few were more who loved me as i am. and support me all the time. But few people like Anita Gautam, Ashish Khare, Ritu Sen & Minisha Singh was the mentor who developed me as i was. in true meanings lko days made me Mad and still it continued.
Post Journalism and pre-communication Days
Mumbai to pune, pune to mumbai, mumbai to delhi, delhi to mumbai and finally mumbai to delhi.... Cinema my new buddy was at my head. I forget my past and started dreaming a prem called Director Prem. during these day i met with real world. pain, hunger, defeat, silence, loneliness and list goes on n on.......
Delhi could be a better start but unfortunately it couldn't. anyway I got Chhoti back in my life and Phillips and Hathi were in the package. thank God they still are with me.
But it wasn't beautiful. Optimism is good all the time but at the end result matters.
Signing out
Take care.

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