Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Journey of My Love till the first Valentine

 "It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations." Kahlil Gibran 
I am Confused, but its not the right time. Its a season of LOVE, so this time Me n My Journey towards Love.It started with my father, because he is the proof of my presence and then He gave me a name unfortunately it was "Prem". it wasn't the end. He putted one another word "Sagar" with this. Anyway it wasn't the certified till i was in the home, because i was a brilliant student and an angry child man. After 5th I went to hostel, and i think that was the time supported me what i am today & it leads to my name (Prem Sagar).
Patna, My first love. It wasn't from my side. It was a mistake of Saket, Sudhir & Ajay. But i apologize the mistake. Sorry. I never wanted anything. Actually till 2002 i wasn't able to know this word called Love. Neither with family nor with friends. I was selfish. still i am but that time i was child by brain at the age of 20. Now I am proud on myself and all the credit goes to few prettiest women, who came to my life and made me perfectly.
 As my Name goes to the "ocean of love" which first ever come to me at the age of 18th. I was failed in my Board exam and had been shifted to an another hostel where i met my first girl friend Anju 0r Deepmaala Singh Sengar, My first friend Ever and unfortunately She was a Girl. But she was in love with 4 guys at the same time. I counted her badly. But She was so nice to Me and that's what i wanted too. During these days I met a guy who was a Homo :) i wasnt involved obviously but that was the time i came to know a word called "Sex". Actually that was the first time i was changing. I was failed again in my board's exam and suffering from a big social problem. Anju is good, I hope. She is married and I Think!  She lives in Jamshedpur, anyway I came to patna in 2002 and falls in a misunderstanding because of few friends and it it was a physical attraction too.
Raipur wasn't an incident it was an accident. Which came it to me from other side and made me guilty. anyway this chapter i dnt want to discuss because i ended it few years back.
But after that two beautiful and most amazing people came to my life. One was a women who came to me just like a mother, a sister, a friend, a mentor, a companion. Initially i wasn't loved her She was my best friend and I am her too. She done mistake and braked the rule. We aren't together but we will be together always . Actually it wasn't just a love. She was my "Mum". My love was just a reflection of my regards. That was my first and last college days which was the revolution era of telecommunication. being a student, Being a friend, being a human it was an awesome period in my life. Thank You.  I am, What I am & its all because of u :)
By the way i haven't told you about my last lady. Actually she wasn't a lady. She was my kid. A girl, Who wasn't innocent, but a typical suburbs girl who knew everything. you cant make her fool. we never loved each other but it wasn't less then love & She wasn't like other girl I met ever. And She was, She is & She will be my best girl Friend.  Her Self respect, Her Soul, her Purity, her Brain everything which connects to her is checked and defined. Now She is vary mature but still so unpredictable. Thank You Phillips I dnt have words for you but you are the one who taught me perfection and how to proud. My Love, my availability will always guide you till my end. take care.
I am Married now and this is my first season of Love. Consider "Prem's Love" and you people will be Shocked and happy too. My philosophy leads to me a proud husband and on this valentine We will celebrate it Proudly. Initially i hated it because it came to me easily but Marriage is the best tutorial where any one can learn Love as a part of life. No attraction no fear. Happy Valentines Ladies. and Specially My Wife. Love You always :)))))
 Forget to mention my last valentine... Sorry Miss Jaipur :)  I'll remember CP n U always. take care

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